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Mark Woods

Owner of 4-4-2 Sports Management and Intermediary

Our managing director has been an F.A. licensed football intermediary for more than 4 years. He represents players from many parts of the world including The UK, Germany, Brazil and France. Mark is also experienced in negotiations and Relations and heads up this area of the business. 

Tom Wood

Head of Recruitment and Intermediary 

Tom has been a Football Intermediary under the FA for just under 2 years and has just graduated with a B.A. Hons. in Sports Business and Sports Law. Tom works closely with both the players and network of scouts we have here at 4-4-2 Sports Management as well as leading the legal aspects of the business

Ismael Karche

Client Advisor, Consultant and Intermediary 

Ish has been a Football Intermediary under the FA for just under a year and has a B.A. Hons. in Business Management. Before working within the industry Ish has played football within both France and England at a high level and has coaching experience. Ish has strong networks in England, France, Norway and Cameroon. He is also fluent in French, and advises players on any queries or issues they may have!